Soccer is brewed here, in its finest form. Football Talent Africa is an organization made up of a team of dedicated, seasoned and professional soccer enthusiasts who have, respectively, worked in the soccer fraternity at various levels.


Our organization’s primary objective is to find young soccer talents across the borders of the African continent, develop and assist these talents in getting into professional leagues in Europe. Football Talent takes players through comprehensive soccer routines which are tailored to harness each player’s strengths and improve their weaknesses. At Football Talent, every soccer talent produced is unique. 

Rene Koster (Director and Coach)

Our team lead is Rene Koster (Director and Coach). Rene Koster is a Dutch national who begun his coaching career as a teenager. He specializes in working with (youth) players from the age of U-16 till senior level. Rene, over the years, has gained experience both nationally and internationally as a result of working with the best youth academies and educators in Netherlands, USA, Bangladesh, Japan and Ghana. We work with professional African football clubs as well as talents that we painstakingly observe at every nook and cranny of the African continent. Our camp is currently based in Ghana.